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Question: How do I care for NailMates caps?


PROFESSIONALS:  Clean the cavity of the cap with soap and water at the end of each day. This is in addition to your normal disinfecting routine. Store in bag

NOTE:  We suggest professionals consider a second set to alternate between customers. Following soaking in disinfectant, the caps can temporarily become slightly floppy until they dry a bit. A second set allows the professional to disinfect caps and to dry them between clients.

NOTE:  In addition to their salon set, professionals may want to consider selling a set to their gel customers. This is a win win for both the tech and their client. Saving time on multiple soak offs during a day, offers a tech the ability to add an additional service to their day. The client can remove polish in the comfort of their home and arrive prepared for the service.

Do Not heat sterilize and Do Not leave in Barbicide overnight or for extended times. We recommend ‘Let’s Dance’ Disinfectant. It can be found at   within their Professional Nail category and through BSG. We are confident it contains a higher disinfectant level while being less corrosive compared to Barbicide. It is also a complete Salon Disinfectant so can be used as replacements for other spay cleaners.  

HOME USERS:  Simply wash inside and out of the caps in addition to the pads with soap and water after use and store accordingly.